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The Trident Group of Companies, with over four decades of experience, has multi-faceted expertise in gold exploration, mining and bullion trading. The Group’s focus has been to acquire mined physical gold and simultaneously expand its mine holdings. With the combined know-how of the Trident team, the liquidity of its US investors and bulk volume preferential rates provided by Swiss and US refineries, it has gained a competitive edge in the gold business.

Through the acquisition and export of mined gold, the Trident Group developed a large overseas client base, mainly international refineries and private investors. Its wholesaler accounts are with a select handful of the world’s largest refineries, including MKS Switzerland that is accredited by the Swiss National Bank, LBMA (London Bullion Market) and Shanghai Gold Exchange. Trident’s team of professionals are constantly sourcing new supplies. However, it operates only with companies that are at the forefront of technology with clean and cost effective solutions.

Business Model

The Trident Group works with investment entities, portfolio managers, and wealth management firms to obtain physical gold, silver and diamonds as part of their overall wealth and asset strategies. This highly specialized investment spread has enabled Trident to secure funding because of its expertise and ability to produce results.

The Trident Group’s dedicated team of experts and wide ranging contacts enables it to acquire gold projects in varying development stages. We find and assess viable assets, qualify the potential and move to production as soon as possible.

Investment / Finance Summary

Trident acquires and funds projects that require US $20 – US $100 M total investment to reach production; targeting operating margins of 40% and minimum 30% IRR to compensate for higher risk in developing countries.

By diversifying its project portfolio across various countries, Trident attempts to minimize its risk profile.


During the four decades since its founding, the Trident Group has expanded and diversified its business strategies. In 2008, entry into Chile enabled Trident to expand its precious metals division. Starting with purchasing of mined production it was a natural progression to acquire key mining leases that would suit its unique business model – acquire and sell physical gold.

Trident now holds key gold mining properties in Chile and, in 2016, it acquired the Andacollo Gold project in Argentina. The latter is a rare opportunity to restart a high-grade gold and silver mine at a time of increasing market volatility. Moving forward, Trident plans to expand its operations into Ecuador and Peru.


To date, mining activities of the Trident Group in both Chile and Argentina are advancing through exploration work, resource development, and feasibility studies combined with limited production. At the Andacollo mine in Argentina, a new processing plant is being installed and mine development has been initiated based on expanded resources from the 2017-2018 drilling program. [visit www.tseau.com for detailed information].

In addition, exploration projects are ongoing in the regions of Coquimbo and Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins as well as the community of Rio Hurtado. In the Coquimbo region, Trident is test mining and processing extracted ore in trapiches at its Punitaqu property. In the region of Rio Hurtado, through reverse circulation drilling, Trident has identified resources with grades from 2.68 to 12 g/t Au, with a potential for significant polymetallic gold mineralization.